Frequently asked questions

What is the Solar-Log™ WEB “Classic 2nd Edition”?

The Solar-Log™ WEB "Classic 2nd Edition“ is an online service for technically experienced plant owners who would like to monitor their plants themselves online. The basic functions (Data Sheet, Graphic, Event Log) are available for online monitoring. There is the option to be notified about disturbances and receive yield data by e-mail. The only requirement is a plant equipped with a Solar-Log™ and an Internet connection.

Are there other options to monitor my plant online?

Yes, our many Solar-Log™ WEB partners offer professional monitoring, usually in the form of a service contract. You may access your yield and plant information yourself at any time while your installer takes care of error messages and maintenance work. In addition to the basic functions (Data Sheet, Graphic, Event Log), there are numerous presentation and reporting options available. If you would like to have your plant professionally monitored, please contact your installer or contact us directly. We would be happy to provide you with information on the local Solar-Log™ WEB partners in your area. Additional information is also available from our website at

How much does the Solar-Log™ WEB "Classic 2nd Edition" cost?

The “Classic 2nd Edition” can be used free of charge for plants up to a certain size. There is a small fee for plants with a higher installed output (see Prices). The online service can be tested for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Once the 30-day trial period has expired, the WEB service can be renewed for a year with an online payment. If no payment has been made, the account is automatically deactivated; no cancellation notice is required.

What are the payment options for the annual fee?

The payment for the the annual fee can be easily made online with a credit card or with the online payment service PayPal. The billing address can be entered during the payment process. The billing statement can be downloaded from the "My Account" section after the payment has been received.

How do I register?

Select your plant`s location from to be redirected to the proper country site. Important data, e.g. the serial number of the Solar-Log™ or location address, is required for registration. After this has been entered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on the link sent to confirm your e-mail address. After you have confirmed the registration, we will check your registration and activate your account. This can take up to 3 working days. Once your account has been activated, you will receive an e-mail with your personal access data and a Quick Start Guide describing all of the necessary steps in detail.

Why is it called Solar-Log™ WEB "Classic 2nd Edition?"

The "Classic 2nd Edition" is the revised and updated version of the Solar-Log™ WEB service "Classic 1st Edition." The "Classic 1st Edition" is no longer available for new registration since July 2010.

Can I switch from "Classic 1st Edition" to "Classic 2nd Edition?"

If your plant is already registered with the "Classic 1st Edition," you can migrate to the "Classic 2nd Edition" with just a few clicks. Just create a new registration for the "Classic 2nd Edition" and enter the new access data into your Solar-Log™ device. Now your data will only be transmitted to the "Classic 2nd Edition" server. A quick guide describing the necessary steps to import the old data is available in the download section on Please note that you cannot switch back to the "Classic 1st Edition".

Can I upload a photo of my plant?

Yes, just log on with your user name and go to the "Configuration" menu. You can upload a photo of your plant in this menu. This is displayed along with other plant data in the data sheet. A standard default image is used if no photo has been uploaded.

How can I backup my data?

There are different options to back up the data recorded by the Solar-Log™. At any time, you can use the "Backup" function on the Solar-Log™ to save your data to a hard drive or a USB stick. (If a USB stick is continuously connected to the Solar-Log 300/1200/2000, a weekly backup is automatically saved to the stick.) Another option is to activate the backup function in the Solar-Log™ so that data is automatically transferred to any FTP server of your choice. (For compatibility reasons, the FTP folder cannot be used with HTTP data transfers. Please enter your own FTP server.)

What happens when I expand my plant?

The Solar-Log™ WEB "Classic 2nd Edition" automatically recognizes that plant size has changed due to plant explanation. If the plant size goes over the limit for free monitoring service, you automatically receive an e-mail notification and a link to pay the annual fee. If this is not paid, your "Classic 2nd Edition" account is automatically deactivated. If your plant was already over the limit for free monitoring and the annual fee has already been paid, you can continue to use the monitoring service without restrictions until the end of that period that has already been paid for. The annual fee is only adjusted according to the plant size for the next period.

Is my plant data publicly visible?

You can determine if your plant is publicly visible or not in the "Configuration" menu. All site visitors can view the data sheet and graphics of public plants. The plants can also be searched for according to their zip code. Plants which are not publicly visible can only be viewed once a user has logged on to the portal.